In this Age of Information Technology and Internet, if a Veterinarian does not updates himself with the latest information & various techniques He is certainly stand to loose out on critical information in diagnosis, treatment, and management that can make all the difference between curing the animal or otherwise. something which may be very helpful for  him in managing a hospital or clinics, or dairy farm or stud farm or Poultry farm .

A software is helpful if it full fills some of  following Criterias

# it is user friendly

# it  simplifies Record keeping and Disease Surveillance.

# it makes Diagnosis and Treatment of Animal Easier.

# it helps Veterinarians  to update themselves about recent advances in the field.

               So keeping all things in Mind we have developed Veterinary Software in Hospital Management And Various Farms Management like Dairy Farms, Stud Farms, Poultry Farms etc. etc.

drmkrvetsoft on Hospital Management System:--

    in this software we can handle how to register patients, how to take  history, diagnosis and treatment and also all pathological lab tests ,parasitology lab tests, microbiology lab tests are included in this software. in the master menu you can have a powerful Search engine that is Veterinarian Search to search anything in the database that you have entered. you can also have reports that are designed in Crystal reports in various formats. The programming  of software is done in Visual Basic 6.

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