When to Call  the Vet  


The Veterinary Surgeon has Accumulated Knowledge on the Variability, Scope and Effect of Disease,His Ability to Assess Seriousness of a Case,His Ability to Institute such correct Dietary, Supportive, Nursing and Management Procedures as can Aid a Cure are all to be Greatly Respected.

It is also notably difficult to be objective  about one's own family and the same  applies to one's pets.

The Veterinary Surgeon can provide  the Valuable Objectivity needed.

The First type to be considered are those Conditions where a Bacterial Infection is running its course. -

The Second case is in the circumstances of Injury or Excessive Haemmorhage.

-Third case is when Surgery is Necessary.

 ' ...... In spite of this my pride does not prevent me from confessing that veterinary surgeons .... ... have more skill in the treatments of old wounds than the most learned  professors and members of the academics.'




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