Frequency And Doses

for pain, tightness and hind­quarter symptoms

Nux vomica30

10 min (3)

If the pet's back suddenly goes out


2 hourly

If the animal is sensitive to cold and the spine sensitive to touch,

Hypericum30, 200

4 hourly

If the symptoms worsen in damp weather or seem to improve after the dog or cat starts moving,

Rhus tox.30 or 200

4 hourly

If the ani­mal has a staggering gait, wants to be alone, and may bite or howl.

Bryonia;30 200

4 hourly

for rear end paralysis; there is stiffness, difficult gait, trem­bling, loss of strength, and weakness, especially in older animals

Conium maculatum 30,200

4 hourly

For motor parajysis affecting a front or hind limb, there is a rigid, spastic gait, tottering, and the knees may knock together when walking; a limb hanging down may be swollen or look emaciated

Lathrys sativa30 200

4 hourly

It may be the remedy in mild cases, where the cat or dog is lethargic

Gelsemium 30

4 hourly

In motor paralysis of the lower limbs; there are cramps and twitching, with the animal in evident pain; the paws are cold and symptoms are worse at night and with motion. Light pressure eases pain.

Plumbum 30 or 200

6 hourly

 Paralysis of legs, ascending; great weakness; tired, heavy feeling all over the body

Acid-picric. 30

4 hourly

 Paralysis of extremities with heaviness and loss of sensation  restlessness

Rhus tox. 200 or 1M

4 hourly

 With insensibility; especially of brain; after effects of fear, accidents, etc

Opium 1M or above

10 min (3)

 Paralysis of eye-lids; larynx; muscles refuse to obey

Gelsemium 200

10 min (3)

For  a lean or undernourished pet with hardening of the nerve sheaths

Silicea  200C

10 min (3)

 Paralysis of single parts; bladder, larynx pharynx or tongue, etc.

Causticum 30 or 200

10 min (3)

 Paralysis of bowels suddenness of  symptoms

Phosphorus 200

10 min (3)

 Paralysis of eye muscles; left side of face heat in the face

Senega 30

4 hourly

 Facial paralysis, sticking pain in extremities; drags feet while walking and trembles

Nux vomica 30 or 200

6 hourly

 One sided paralysed while convulsions in the other side; fear of dark

Stramonium 200 or 1M

4 hourly

 Paralysis in old patients; prone to cold childish behaviour

Baryta carbo 200 or 1M

10 min. (3)

For a slipped disc, Ruta grav is used for injuries affecting bone and cartilage, and for vertebrae disorders. It can be used along with Hypericum as a pain reliever, particularly when the problem is in the lower spine. If the slipped disc resulted from an injury, start with Arnica then go to Symphytum , or alternate the two

Arnica 30 Symphytum 30 alternate

4 hourly

 for nerve damage and spinal cord injuries; it may limit nerve damage from a protruding disc, symptoms of which include stiffness of muscles and joints, paralysis, great difficulty in walking, and pain worsening with pressure; there may be twitching or jerking along the back, or the animal bending backwards and displaying hypersensitivity

Augustura vera 30 or 200

6 hourly

 For disc injuries and protrusions, use together in 10M potency, one to three times daily.


Ruta and Hypericum 10M

4 hourly



Cuprum met. 30 morning and night

once in 3 days


Belladonna 30 morning and night

once in 3 day (6)

 Chicken pox

Variolinum 200 

10 min. (3)

 If Variolinum fails

Antimonium tart. 200

10 min. (3)


Arsenic. alb. 200

10 min. (3)


Influenzinum 30 or 2001st day, from next dayArsenic alb.

10 min. (3) morning 6 and night (12)

 Infective hepatitis

Ferrum phose 12X,Chelidonium 6

4 hourly and6 hourly (12)


Merc-sol. 200, 10 min.from next day, Kali mur. 6X

(3) 1st day,4 hourly


Malaria off. 200 or 1M

10 min. (3)

 If Malaria off. fails

Natrum mur. 200

weekly (3)


Pulsatilla 30 or 200

once in 2-3 days (6)

 Brain fever

Belladonna 200

weekly (3)


Ledum pal 200 and Hypericum 200,

alternate 3 hourly


Diphtherinum 200 or 1M

1 dose


Capsicum 30, 6 hourly for3-4 days and later Calc. fluor. 30X

6 hourly2 hourly


Diphtherinun 200 or 1M

1 dose


Parotidinum 200Or Pilocarpus 6

6 hourly 6


Parotidinum 200and Pilocarpus 6

1 dose6 hourly (6)


Tarentula h. 30 or 200

4 hourly (3)


Lathyrus sat. 200 one dose in the first month, next month 1M and in the 3rd month 10M should be given

3 hourly (6)


Belladonna 30 Ferrum phose 12X

3 hourly (6) 3 hourly

 Small pox

Variolinum 200

10 min. (3)


Baryta carbo 200 or 1M

fortnightly (6)


Tuberculinum k. 10M 1st month, 50M - 2nd month and CM - 3rdmonth

(1 dose each)

 Typhoid fever

Typhoidinum 200 or 1M

10 min. (3)

 whooping cough

Perlussin 200 or 1M

10 min. (3)


 Head remedy (to start the treatment) aversion to take bath ,remains dirty,lethergic pets

Sulphur 10M or 50M

monthly (3)

 Intercurrent remedy; in obstinate and chronic cases

Carcinocin 1M or 10M

monthly (3)

 In cautious, constipated and indecisive individuals; little injury suppurates

Graphites 200 or 1M

10 min. (3)

 Individuals over sensitive to cold and other changes; desire for warmth

Hepar sulph. 200 or 1M

10 min. (3)

 With extensive thickening and exfoliation of the skin

Hydrocotyle a. 200

6 hourly

 Worse cold application and better by warmth burning sensation

Arsenic a. 0/7 or above

6 hourly

 in chronic cases when well selected remedy fails burning and itching

Radium brom. 200 or above

Fortnightly (3)


 Itching of orifice of urethra; pruritus  vaginae, anus, scrotum and shoulder

Alumen 30

4 hourly

 Itching on scrotum; itching on pudenda sweiling of labia; pruritus vulva during pregnancy

Ambra gr. 30

4 hourly

 Itching -and burning of anus; itching ofgenitals

Ammonium carbo 30

4 hourly

 Itching with soreness if scratched; itching of penis; of tip of glans biting itching as from salt on left side of scrotum

Antim-crud. 30

4 hourly

 Itching of pudenda; pustules on external  genitals

Antlm-tart. 30

4 hourly

 Itching and stitches in internal or external vulva

Calcarea carb 30 or 200

4 hourly (3)

      Crawling and itching in rectum and on perineum; itching in anus, scrotum and glans

Chelidonium 30

4 hourly

 Pruritus vulva; accompanied by haemorrhoids; obstinate constipation during dysmenorrhoea or in pregnancy worse when lying down

Collinsonia 30 or 200

4 hourly (3)

 Violent itching of pudenda and even within  vagina; worse just after menstruation

Conium mac. 30

4 hourly (3)

 Itching on glans and scrotum; worse while walking; intense itching of female genitals;worse at night; better by very gentle scratching

Croton tig. 30

4 hourly

 Pruritus recti; the worms creep at night out of the anus

Ferrum met. 30

4 hourly

 Pruritus ani; itching within and around anus, on perineum

Fluoric acid. 30

4 hourly

 Pruritus ani with moisture milld tendency to form little vesicles; itching in vulva;

Graphites 30 or 200

4 hourly (3)