Hair Falling of



 Frequency And Doses

 Hair breaks; splits, mats up and ragged, end of   the hair dry with loss of natural lustre

Acid-fluor. 200 or 1M

weekly (3)

 FaIling of hair; due to excessive dandruff; hair fall in bunches leaving big patches in pets

Phosphorus 200 or 1M

weekly (3)

 Falling of hair from head and other parts  of the   body; leaving bald, shiny patches

Selenium a or 30

4 hourly

 Falling of hair; from head and other parts of  the body due to weakness

Acid-phos. a or 30

4 hourly

 Falling of hair eruptions, pimples near hair; margins

Sepia 30 or 200

weekly (3)

 Falling of hair with heat in the head, hair  stands on its end

Sulphur iod. 30

4 hourly

 Hair mats up together and falls; eczema   of scalp

Mezereum 30

4 hourly

 Falling of hair; unhealthy hair; pulling  sensation; itching of scalp

Magnesia carbo 30

4 hourly

 Falling of hair, with copious, whitish  dandruff

Kali-mur. 6x or 30

4 hourly


 Hoarseness; due to sudden exposure to   dry cold wind

Aconite 30 or 200

2 hourly

 Sudden; violent hoarseness with scrapping   feeling in the throat

Belladonna 30

4 hourly

 Due to paralytic effects; can't tolerate  touch  around throat

Lachesis 30

4 hourly (3)

 Due to catarrh; involunatry urination while  coughing; constant hawking

Causticum 30

4 hourly (3)

 Due to. hysteria; emotional disturbances;   inhaling smoke from outside

Ignatia 30 or 200

4 hourly (3)

 Due to paralysis of vocal cord          

Oxalic acid. 6 or 30

4 hourly

 Complete loss of voice; accompanied with loose cough; loss oftl,thirst with dry throat;  better in open and cold air

Pulsatilla 30

4 hourly

 Intercurrent remedy for psoric patients (over- sensitive and prone to colds)

Psorinum 200'or 1M

weekly (3)

 Hoarseness due to sudden exposure          

Borax IX or 30

10 mn. (3)

 Hoarseness due to exposure to heat        

Antimonium crud. 30

4 hourly

 Hoarseness, from cold or congestion of. vocal   cords; tongue clean; persistent nausea

Ipecac 30

4 hourly

 Hoarseness due to exposure; accompanied   by vomiting and excessive hunger

Cina 30 or 200

4 hourly

 Complete loss of voice; burning in throat, as from hot vapors, excessive salivation

Mercurius sol. 30

4 hourly

 With irritation of throat; localised irritation at one point

Sabadilla 30

4 hourly

 When well selected remedies fail; patient feels discomfort at night

Syphilinum 1M

weekly (3)


 In the beginning; flow of bright red blood,  with fever and anxiety

Aconite 30 or 200

2 hourly

 Due to mechanical injury or infection  bruised pain in the urinary passage

Arnica 30 or 200

4  hourly

 When due to haemorrhage from the Kidney;  coffee-ground like sediments in urine;   pressure in the bladder extending Ito the  kidneys

Tererebinth. Q, 5-7 drops

3  hourly

 With red sediments in the urine; due to    haemorrhage from kidney, bladder or urethra

Ocimurn can. 30 or 200

4 hourly

 With dark, thick, brick dust sediments in urine; retention of urine; at times this  medicine replace the use of cathetor

Thlaspi b-p. Q, 5-7 drops

4 hourly

 When urine contains bright red blood;  constant nausea, tongue clean

Ipecac Q or 30

3 hourly

 Without pain or any other discomfort;  accompanied by subnormal temperature

China-sulph 30

4 hourly

 Patient faints due to   excessive   haemorrhage; but desires to be fanned;   blood dark, clotted

China off. Q or 6

1/2 hourly

 Blood bright red, clotted; comes out  suddenly in gushes

Erigeron Q, 5-7 drops

3 hourly

 With burning pain before, during, and after  urination; more after drinking water; urine comes drop by drop

Cantharis 30

4 hourly

 When due to over indulgence of wine  and spirituous drinks; or sudden check of  the piles; backache and smarting pain in  urethra; chilly patient

Nux vomica 30


4 hourly

Bloody urine with burning sensation; pain in kidney and liver region. Patient craves    for icy cold drinks

Phosphorus 30 or 200 

4 hourly