Miscellanious symptoms and the recommended treatment:-

Prolapse of cloaca Kali phos
Sun Stroke Glonine, Nat mur, Calc carb
Stress Due to any reason Arnica, Five phos
Bumble foot Arnica , Hepar Sulph
Prolapse of uterus Helonias, Ferum phos, Kali mur, Calc flour
Hoarseness with sneezing & cold Aconite
Hoarseness with rough tone Causticum
Intermittent hoarseness with watery eyes Pulsatilla
Preventive for bacterial disease Echinacea
Disease of claws in rainy season with skin eruptions Rhus tox
Good for lice Infestation Sabadilla, Nat mur,Sulphur
Antiseptic & disinfectant Echinacea or calendulla Qlocally