Lymphoid Leukosis
Syn:- Big liver diseas, Avian leukosis,Visceral Lymphomatosis
Cause:- Myxovirus
Species affected :- Chicks, Turkeys, Pigeon
Birds listless, weakness Kali carb, Ars alb , Alfa alfa
Abdomen distnded due to enlarged liver  Chelidonium , China, Alfa alfa
Ovaries, heart & kidneys affected with tumours Calc flour, Phytolaca

Marek's Disease
Syn:- Fowl paralysis, Neural & ocular Lymphomatosis
Cause:- Herpes virus(mdv)
Species affected:- Domestic fowl
Paralysis, birds unable to walk & stand  Causticum, 
Skin thickned by tumours, feather follicles thickened & leathery  Calc flour,Calc carb
Iris effected & white appearance Arg nit, Euphrasia 
Sciatic nerve is enlarged Kali phos 6x, Kali Sulph 6x

New Castle Disease (n.d.) RANIKHET DISEASE
Syn:- Pseudo fowl pest, Avian pest
Cause:- Mixovirus Resembling Human Influenza virus
Species effected:- Mainly chiken & Turkeys
Difficult breathing, opens beak and gasp for breath  Aconite, Ars alb
Rattling noise & coughing Antim trat Antim trat
Trembling of legs leads to partial or complete paralysis  Kali phos, Calc phos, Gelsemium
Twisting of necks (Torticolis) is main Symptom Mag Phos, Sulphur, Cicuta vir.

Combination of Carbo veg30+ Veratum alb30+Belladona30 + Kali phos30, 5 ml each in 8 liter of water for 100 birds. This medicated water is repeated after every alternate day.

Pullorum Disease
Syn:-Bacillary white diarrhoea
Cause:- Salmonella Pullorum
Species:-Chicks, Pheasents, Ducks, Guinea hens, Geese
Birds huddle together & exhibit a White foamy diarrhoea  Calc carb+Cala phos 
Adult birds loss of appetite, weakness, greenish brown dirrhoea  Sulphur, Ipecac