Fowl Pox
Syn:-Avian pox, Avian Diptheria
Cause:-- Pox virus gp.
Species:-- Chicken, Turkeys, Pheasants, Pigeons
Lesions on head & Comb are wart like nature  Antim tart,
Lesions in mouth are dipthertic type  Kali mure, Nat sulph
Lesions with fever  Antim tart, Aconite
Lesions without fever  Bryonia, Calc phos
Head remedy  Variolinum30, or 200

Combination of pulsatilla200+ Thuja200 + Nat Sulp200, 5ml each in 8 liters of water for 100 birds

Fowl Cholera
Syn:- Avian Pasteurellosis
Cause :- Pasteurella Aviancide
Species affected:- All poultry
Swelling of joints of legs, lameness Rhus tox, Sulphur
Difficult in breathing & thick nasal discharge  Calc flour+Hepar sulf, Kali bich
Greenish colour diarrhoea, Pulsatilla, Sulphur

Combination of Calc Phos30+Ferum 30+Kali Sulp30+Kali Phos30, 5ml each in 16 litre of water for 100 birds, 4 times a day for 7 days.

Gumboro Disease
Syn:- Infectious bursal agent
Cause:- Virus i.b.a.
Species affected :- Domestic fowl
Birds inactive, reduced appetite, feathers ruffled Alfa alfa, China, Gelsemium
Watery faeces with high urine content Kali phos+ Calc Phos
Swelling of kidneys marked enlargement of bursa of fabricius Berg vulg, Canharis, Lachesis

Combination of Gelsemium30+ Acid phos30+Calc phos30, 10ml each in 8 liters of water for 100 birds.