Infectious Bronchitis(I.B)
Cause - Corona group of virus
Species:- Chiken more susceptible
Nasal discharge Allium cepa, Kali bich
Coughing, Sneezing Anti trat, Aconite
Damage to Oviduct(false layer)  Kali phos, Calc phos

Infectious Laryngotracheitis
Syn :- Chicken Influnza
Cause :- Avian herpes gp. Virus
Species:-- Main Chicken, less Pheasants

Coughing with blood stained mucous from trachea  Aconite, Ipecac, Millefolium
Difficult breathing head extended to breathe  Antim tart, Bryonia

Intestinal Parsites
Cause:- Davaina Proglottina, Ascardia galli, Capillaria
Species:- All type of birds

Affected birds loose weight, Ruffled feathers, Breathing rapid Aconite, Santonite 3x, Tucrum merver 
Head remedy  China, GNA

Infectious Synovitis
Syn:- Infection Arthritis
Cause:- Mycoplasma synoviae bacterium
Species affected:- Domestic fowl & turkey
Swelling Arround joints of feet & legs, lameness, Brest blisters. Acotine, Rhus tox, 
Birds Listless, Weak & emaciated, Comb appears pale,  China sulf, Alfa alfa, 
Dropping are green discolouration & watery Pulsatilla, Ipecac, Ars alb

Infectious Coryza
Syn:- Haemophilis gallinarum infection, Roup
Cause :- Haemophilis gallinarum
Species:- Chicks
Inflammation of eye, nose, with foul smelling Arg nit, Pyrogenium 
Conjuctivitis, Sneezing, Facial swellings Eupharasia, Kali bich

Combination of Sabadilla200+Kali Bich+Allium cepa200, 5ml each in 8 liters of water for 100 birds for 3 days.