Hide bound :-
Hard scurfy patches on skin, emaciation  Ars alb200
Coat Very rough, loss of appetite Antim crudum200
Hairs falls, leaving the skin with dull laden colour voracious appetite(eating of dirty litter & dung) Merc vivus30
Indigestion - Antim crudum, Ipecac, Nux vomica, Ars alb, China
Inflamation of kidneys :-
Restlessness Urine is fiery red deposting thick muddy sediment  Aconite200
Due to injury Arnica200
Due to exposure to wet Dulcamara200
Frequent & painful passingof Bloody urine in small quantities Trembling of hinder legs with arched back  Cantharis200
Violent straining,paws the ground, Kicks its belly  Cannabis30
Animal sweats& discharge of urine is profuse Merc sol30
Jaundice -  Aconite Chammomilla, Nux vomica, Bryonia, Lycopodium
Laminitis - Aconite, Arnica, Belladona, Bryonia Rhus tox
Mallenders & Sallenders: - Thuja ,Sulphur
Animal turns quickly round, falls down, Paddling of feet Belladona200
If mechanical injury is cause  Arnica200
If animal lies in stupid stage as if dead   Opium30
Nasal Gleet - Ars alb, Silicea , Pulsatilla, Sulphur
Ophthalmia - Acute
Eyes inflamed,congested  Aconite200
Dimmness of eye Belladona200
Cornea thick with white specks Cannabis30
Periodic Ophthalmia:-
Pupils dilated,sensitive to light Calc carb200
Dimness of cornea,red streaks on cornea  Cannabis30
Heat & swelling of eye lids,contraction of pupil Causticum200
Eyelids sunken,adhere together during night Hepar sulph30
Inability to raise eyelids & discharge of matter Nat mur200
Pupils dilated & contracted alternatively, edge of lids red with yellow matter escaping. Pulsatilla200
Eyes are spsmodically drawn together.Ulcers on inside corner of eye redness of white part. Silicea 200
Retention of urine - Aconite, Cantharis,Lyco,Hyoscymus,Cannabis
Sore throat - Aconite, Merc sol, Belladona, Spongia, Lyco, Sulphur
Sprains - Rhus tox, Symphytum
Strangles - Merc sol, Sulphur
Thrush - Acid phos Squilla, Ars alb