Haematurea - Aconite, Arnica, Cantharis, Terebintha
Haemorrhagic Septicaemia :-
High temp,with bluish discolouration of visible parts  Lachesis200
Restlessness,profuse salivation,high temp Ars alb 200
Much swelling & discharges from nostrils are profuse Merc sol200
When swelling is hard & tense  Bryonia200 
Indigestion  :-
Due to over eating with flatulence Abies canadensis
Due to toxaemia With cold extremities Carb veg200
Due to ruminal Tympany  Colchicumm200
Indigestion with colic Pulsatilla200
Due to acidity & diarhoea  Antim crud.200
Due to over eating Nux vomica200
Infertility - Sepia+Calc phos+Pulsatilla+Alertis feri+Iodum Gives Best possible results
Interdigital hyperplacia - Calc flour, Silicea, Nat mur
Ketosis of Ruminants :-
To controll fits & convulsions Stramonium200
Head twisted due to deviation of neck muscles  Cicuta virosa30
Tonic action on liver,best for digestive form Lyco1M+Nux vom1M
For nervous & digestive form of disease Five Phos+Alfa alfa
Mange - Sulphur,Ars alb,Psorinum,Kal ars
Mastitis :-
Due to injury with inflamation & swelling  Arnica200+Belladona200
Aute swelling with redness & pain of udder Belladona200
With oedema of udder & surrounding tissues Apis mel200
When udder is hard & indurated with fibrosis Bryonia200
When matter is forming & bringing swelling to head Hepar sulph6
When there is fibrosis Phtyolaca200
To control intramammary bleeding  Ipecac200,Milefolium
Sulphur +Silicea+Carbo veg                            Good results in acute & chronic cases
Belladona+Bryonia+Urtica urens                     Good results in acute mastitis
Septicaemia with high temp.  Echinacea1M
Metritis due to retention of placenta Sabina200,Pulsatilla200
When discharges are dark fluid blood Secale200
When bluish discolouration of visible parts Lachesis200
Milk Fever -          Aconite Belladona, Mag phos, Opium, Cup met, Phosphorous