Cow pox:-
Vesicular dry skin lesions associated with congestion Antim crudum 200
Pustules assumes greater size in discrete form with yellow base Kali bich200
When vesicles are prominent on udder Ranunculus bulbosus6
For prevention & treatment Variolinum200
Cystic Ovaries -    Apis mel, Murex pur., Nat mur, Colocynth, Platina, Palladium
Diarrhoea :-
Horrible Offensive, watery , painless diarroea Podo+Aloes
Slimy & offensive,rumbling noise in bowls Nux vomica200
Watery slimy greenish or brownish Ars alb200
When dung is inter mixed with mucus & blood Merc sol200
Discharges are frequent & watery. Shooting diarrhoea Verat.alb200+Croton tig
Dysentry - Aconite, Merc cor, Ipecac, Ars alb, Ferum phos
Wet eczema  Merc sol
Wet eczema of outer parts of ear & in region of genitals Croton tig200
Acute dry eczema  Sulphur200
Chronic dry rough scaly eczema with intense itching Ars alb200
Eczema with blister formation rupures when animal Scratches Rhus tox200
Eczema after bite or sting with intense redness of area Apis mel200
Acute allergic type of eczema Urtica urens200
Chronic wet eczema with dry thicky skin ooze a sticky discharge Graphites200
Ephemeral fever - Aconite ars alb, Bryonia, Nux vom, Strychnium, Cup met
In any disease any fever Arnica +Rhus tox
Fever withhout thirst,dullness  Gelsemium200
Fever with thirst & coughing  Bryonia200 
Fever with sneezing restlessness  Ars alb200
with constipation & chilliness  Kali mur200
Septic fever  Echinacea1M
Nervous Fever  Kali phos200
Fever due to vaccination  Merc sol200
Foot rot - Calc flour, Hepar sulph, Silicea, Nat mur
Gonitis - Arnica, Rhus tox, Ruta g., Symphytum
Granular vaginitis - Calc flour,Thuja occi