Actinobacillosis -  Kali hydriodicum,Merc iodatus flavus,Merc iodatus ruber
Actinomycosis :-
Bony swellings on head bones Heckla lava 1M
Ulcearation of Skin & caries of bone Acid flour30
Abcess of foot -  Belladona200, Hepar sulf, Silicea
Agalactia -  Ricinus com+ Urtica urens+five phos gives very good results
Anthrax -  Ars alb 1M, Lachesis, Echinacea
Abdominal Pain :-
Due to indigestion with constipation  Nux vomica200
Due to bad quality of food  Ars Alb200
Due to excess green food  Colchicum200
Due to retention of urine  Cantharis200
Due to flatulence  Mag phos+Nux vomica
Arthritis -  Broynia, Rhus tox, Arnica, Conium mac, Ferum phos
Anaplasmosis - Trinitrotoluene, Crotalus horridus, Phos, China, Phytolaca
Anoestrous :-
Due to profuse leucorrhoea Calc phos6x
When ovaries are very small on rectal examination Iodum30
Due to retntion of placenta & in Silent heat Pulsatilla
To regulate oestous  Cycle Sepia200
Babesiosis - China offi, Ficus religiosa, Millefolium, Phos, Crotalus horridus, Pulsatilla.
Bronchitis - Aconite, Bryonia, Kali brom, Ars alb, Antim tart, Kali bich.
Bruises - Arnica,  Ruta g.
Blue tongue - Aconite, Nat mur, Ars alb, Acid nit, Borax,Rhus tox,Mercurious.
Burns & scald :-
Minor burns & scalds  Cantharis200
Deep burns with loss of skin  Kali Bich200
Suppuration after burns  Hepar sulph30
After effects of burns  Causticum200
When formation of gangrene  Ars alb200
Relieving burn pains  Capsicum200
Botulism :-
Paralytic sypmptoms of throat, Difficult Swallowing  Gelsemium200
Paralysis of fore limb muscles  Plumbum met 30
Paralysis of hind legs Conium mac200
Muscular Stiffness Difficult in walking of fore limbs  Curare30
Peripheral paralysis of throat & mouth Lathyrus Sativus 1M
Black Quarter - Hepar sulph, Rhus tox